Kabali pours 48 crores!!

Amidst the jokes doing rounds that our Khans release films on holidays & It becomes a holiday when Rajinikanth releases his films; it has been yet again proved that the gigantic Rajini sir has a colossal fan following who swear by every film of his!

Examinations being postponed, first day first shows have almost seen a stampede.. And a whooping 48 crores in a single day!!


Kabali film is a high-drama in which Rajinikanth plays Kabali and romances our very own talented Radhika Apte. Be it a melodrama or an unrealistic story, the charismatic Rajini sir puts his glares on, and leaves everything behind him!


Kabali is doing it all again. Rajinikanth’s signature moves, high end superficial action, cigarettes & glares, forced dance moves and the best part, the happy worshippers, the audiences who are enjoying every minute, glued to the film!

Kabali Movie Photos (5)-f94d6dab

Wow! Yet again, as it is said, Rajinikanth is not an actor, he is an experience! An icon! So, all the Rajini fans, rejoice and keep pouring in crores 😉

Watch the trailer of the movie by clicking here.

Whatte Fan following!


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