Badshah wannabe Bieber!

Justin Bieber did a song Sorry which was released on October 23, 2015. The song was produced by Skrillex and Blood and was a popular track among ‘Beliebers’.
Now, on 25 July 2016, our very own “its your boy”  Badshah has done a cover of Justin Bieber’s Sorry and everyone has his opinion on the new Hindi version.

“Koi kehta hai ki Sorry gaana cover karke Chull kar di hai ye kya Badshah ne,
Aur koi kahe Bieber ke gaane mein bhi wo maza nahin jo hai Badshah ke cover mein..”

emmm, I think I can at least write lyrics for Badshah … 😛

Well, there are also some people who never heard Bieber’s Sorry because…Ohh Sorry…but listening to Bieber is the last thing on their list! 😉 But, they heard Badshah first and then were pulled back to listen to the original version! Imagine!
Yeah.. So if you love Chull, Abhi to party and other songs of Badshah, you must at least once listen to Badshah’s cover of Sorry. Its catchy and addictive!

The only thing I didn’t really appreciate was the inclusion of Legendary singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan sahab’s ‘Saanu ek pal chaen na aye’ in the middle of the song! Hope late Nusrat Sahab forgives Badshah for this.


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  1. Shabeena says:

    I am following you. You have done a good job. I appreciate your writings. ‘Whatteblog’. Eager to read more such trending articles from your side. Interesting work. All the best

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    1. whattetrend says:

      Thanks Shabeena!! 🙂


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