5 Super-Smart Gadgets everyone should know about

NEPTUNE DUO Smart-watch: Neptune, a startup based in Canada, is unveiling a new product. The new Neptune Duo is a smart-watch that’s actually two devices. When you buy the Duo, you’ll get a smart-watch named Hub, and a smartphone, named Pocket. The Hub smart-watch sports a re-imagined design, taking elements of bracelets and fitness bands. It aims to invert the roles, making a smartphone subordinate to a smart-watch, which is quite an interesting shift in roles. In short, the watch is the master, while the phone is the slave.


GIROPTIC Camera: Another tech gadget that is being originated, the Giroptic is the world’s first full HD 360 degree camera. The device incorporates three fish-eye lenses, which are synchronised to simultaneously capture and stitch images in real time. It has three modes – photo, video, and live video, and has a whole bunch of accessories to extend its usage.


PARROT POT Watering system: The Parrot Pot is an intelligent watering system that is more like a flower-pot  which knows what’s the right amount of water, and when’s the right time to water your plants. It uses sensors to measure temperature, sunlight, fertiliser, soil moisture, and water reserves to keep your house alive with greenery even if you’re on vacation for as long as a month. The Parrot Pot is washable, hard enough to place outside, and it’s sleek yet conventional design make it perfect for any home, office, garden, and terrace environment. Just amazing!

CONNECTED CYCLE Pedal: Turn your ordinary bicycle into a smart-bike by using this pedal, which tracks your fitness and thieves with GPS and GPRS sensors powered by cycling. The data from your cycling activities can be viewed on your smartphone. Really! Who thinks of such awesome gadgets?

Interactive BARBIE: Mattel is developing a new talking Barbie. An actual interactive model called “Hello Barbie” that kids (and adults) can talk to, sort of like Siri(iOS) and Cortana(Windows) – but in doll form with long, luxurious blonde hair. She’s also capable of natural speech recognition and picks up cues from what you say to formulate a response. She can even remember past conversations and, like a good BFF, take note of her owner’s preferences for future replies. Just sounds wow for those little girls out there!


Waiting for all these to get launched in India..!!



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