When the ‘Millennium City’ turned into a ‘Gram’

Gurgaon: At around 4 o’ clock today in the afternoon, when generally everyone is busy working in their offices, dark clouds hovered above Gurgaon. So much so that it almost appeared like a night sky. Soon, heavy downpour lashed out the tall corporate buildings here. Just 1 hour of heavy rainfall and the roads turned into rivers.

Nobody likes traffic jams but water-clogged roads worsen the situation. Imagine what the people on a two-wheeler with a laptop bag on their backs and no rain-protective gear have to face! When they are stuck in traffic, they can’t even put their feet down, although they have no option left. Also, every speedy car which passes by can splash hundred liters of muddy-water on them.

But Gurgaon’s drainage system is so bad that even a car driver can feel some water under his feet while using clutch and brake (That’s precisely what people driving a car do in Gurgaon, use clutch and brake).

The route from M.G.Road metro station to Huda City Centre is one of Gurgaon’s busiest yet smoothest roads and it does not take more than 15 minutes (in normal traffic) to cover this distance of about 4 kms. But during monsoon season, hiring boats is a much better option as this route turns into Venice.

No doubts over why Gurgaon was trending today in all India trends on twitter. People tweeted and posted the pictures of water-clogged roads.


Every city looks beautiful when it rains, but not Gurgaon. When will the municipal corporation work over it? What do Mr.C.M. has to say abut this? Is the government awake? Are they just there to change the name of the cities like they’ve turned Gurgaon into Gurugram?

In fact, the so called ‘Millennium City’ literally turned into a ‘Gram’ today.



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  1. City turned into venice


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