Meaning of ‘Friendship’ in 2016

Friendship day is round the corner & soon we will all be flooded by Facebook & Whatsapp messages! But what do you actually mean by Friendship in 2016??

Well, here’s a list of 5 ways to celebrate FRIENDSHIP in 2016 –

1. Wish all your friends, friendship day or birthday with the help of Facebook’s reminder, that too only on Facebook.

2. If a friend is closer, wish him/her on Whatsapp. If the friend is even closer, put a status for him or change your DP.

3. If an old friend suddenly starts chatting or messaging you, doubt his intentions, so as to why suddenly he’s talking to me, forgetting the bond you had earlier shared!

4. If you think of an old good friend and feel like chatting, put your ego in place of affection, that he/she also hasn’t spoken for long and don’t call!

5. And if at all, one fine day, you miss your friends and really want to chat with them, start thinking of all those days when you haven’t really spoken and feel awkward!




There was a time, and mind you, not long ago, when friends sat together, those heart to heart conversations and a lot which really made all happy! In today’s fast moving world, its understandable that its not as easy to spend long hours with friends every weekend, but once in 2,3,4,5,8,9 months? Its just that our convenience has taken over everything. We have forgotten all those extra efforts we took, just to be together, some years ago…. Its still possible if we try!

Sometimes, I throw my mind back in times and think, those days were much much better, when at least if we did nothing, we put so much love, time & efforts to hand-make special surprise gifts for friends. We have left behind those handmade cards, bands, letters and even gifts, which still have a place in our cupboards. Right? Surely, we all have those old cards and gifts given by our friends that instantly give us a smile. That innocence was much better than this awkwardness! Don’t you think?

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-02 at 9.31.38 PM (1)


I am not a hater of Facebook and Whatsapp, in fact I’m myself a social media aficionado; but its high time now that we must think where to put a limit! We have become so lethargic and have made the use of these applications so convenient, that we cant even call our friends/relatives when we even want to…. Gone are the days, when we used to wait to spend time with friends and families on such special days! My point here is that, you might have a 500+ friend list on social media, but that doesn’t make your friendship day any good!

So friends, this friendship day, leave Facebook and Whatsapp for a while and try making a call to all your friends. Believe me you, the effort will not disappoint you!



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