No ‘Veer’ Can Beat ‘Ranbir’

5 Things you shouldn’t say to a Ranbir Kapoor fan

– Guest article by Palak Dixit (A die hard RANBIR KAPOOR fan)

1.) “New heroes are much better than Ranbir. His time has gone, his charm has faded away”: Please stop comparing him with others. The talent Ranbir has, can never be possessed by anyone.


2.) “Ranbir is a casanova. He is not loyal to one woman”: May be Ranbir has not found his real love yet. May be he would find someone someday. Life gives everyone a second chance and of course we all have the right to choose the correct person.


3.) “Tamasha was a bad film. In fact he is not getting good films”: Most of these comments come from the people having absolutely NO knowledge about films & acting and who prefer watching masala movies like Rowdy Rathore, Happy New Year and others. Soon Ranbir will prove that he is getting films and good ones!

4.) “Ranbir is not talented”: People really need to grow up and remember movies like Wake up Sid, Rajneeti, Rockstar, Barfi, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (also Rocket Singh Salesman of the Year as well as Bombay Velvet for the sheer talent shown). No one can forget the incredible performances given by Ranbir Kapoor in these movies. How can you be so judgemental when one or two of his movies didn’t work (sabka bura time aata hai)!!

5.) “Ranbir is just a wannabe and an arrogant person”: Ranbir can’t be a wannabe for God’s sake. These are not his traits. People who call him arrogant should know that it’s not arrogance, it’s attitude, that’s called style, that a hero has to carry!


P.S. – Open letter to Ranbir Kapoor :

I remember the time when you gave the meaning of a true hero to me… you gave shape to my imaginations… every time I saw you, I fell more for you. Watching you in real life during your Rockstar movie promotions was a lifetime experience. I couldn’t hear the crowd, only your voice was echoing everywhere. Everything got blurred when you came on stage. You were shaking hands with the crowd and suddenly my hand came in contact with yours for a millisecond. My world stopped right there and ‘Tum ho’ song played in the background. Wow! It’s one of the best memories that I have cherished of my college days. My cupboard is still flooded by your photographs, be it a plastic bag or a low quality newspaper, I have kept them all.

After being in mad one-sided love for you how can I hear negative things for you from the people around me. I can literally indulge in fights for you. What if Roy didn’t do well, what if the movie Besharam (which also had your parents, Neetu Singh and Rishi Kapoor) didn’t work. I can still stand by your side in hopes to watch you more n more.

This morning, I googled what you are upto these days. You’re busy shooting for your new movie with Karan Johar and this time I am sure you are going to set new standards for the film industry.


Also, I am a big-big fan of yours and Deepika’s chemistry (not Ranveer’s) and badly want you guys to be a couple in real life also(which you were earlier). But I know, what I may see in reel-life can be exactly opposite or different in real.. I hope this letter will reach you and may be some day it will become history. But the love and respect for you will never fade away from the heart of this loyal fan.




– With Love,

A True ‘RanBIR’ Fan

Palak Dixit




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