Reasons why girls will miss Shopping at Sarojini Nagar

Whenever the word ‘shopping’ comes, almost all girls get lost in a dream of their stylish wardrobe…full of dresses…matching footwear… bags…earrings… and what not. They just hope for that one day when they will fulfill this dream!

And they obviously may not imagine all the clothes and apparels to be of those top brands and high buffs. VOILA! Their minds immediately get a quick snapshot of Sarojini Nagar market, Lajpat market, Janpath market and others.

Specially for Delhi/NCR girls, Sarojini  Market is one of the favourites. But the news of it getting shut has raised a question – “ab humara kya hoga?”. The showroom owners at Sarojini complained that the local street vendors were taking the business away from them. There must be large number of girls who will be broken with this news!

So, here are 5 reasons why girls will miss shopping at Sarojini :

1.) Not just a Market, its a shopping Paradise:

If you are looking for the latest trends in fashion, Sarojini market offered a collection of n-number of colors and variety.. that too at a very good price (Depends on your bargaining skills). You could really change your wardrobes with  just a month’s savings.

2.) Jewellery lovers find worth here:

If you have ever been to SN market, you must have observed street vendors carrying lots of funky artificial jewellery at a very cheap cost. There will be no place to get such beautiful things in such nominal prices once those vendors are removed.

3.) Not just for beauty, Sarojini market also helps in decorating your home:

Yes, its true! Not just a shopping hub, sections of SN were flooded with antique pieces that could give your home a new look. Even the items of home decor like fridge covers, mats, etc. were the things that you could find there easily.

4.) Not just for girls, but for ladies also:

Be it ‘Shaadi shopping’ or for ethnic wear lovers, ladies could find the replica of the latest saree worn by Priyanka, Deepika or any other actress. Also, it was the best place to compare.

5.) Not just fashion, but also food:

Getting tired is obvious while roaming in the streets of SN, hence the market offered some of the best and yummiest eatables. Ram Laddu, Momos, Lemon Soda, Papad, Gol Gappe, Barf ka Gola are the things which would be missed.

SN is not just a market, its a shopping world to most of the females. Getting it closed and removing all the street shops is heart breaking for all. Let’s just hope things work out and ladies get their favourite shopping-hub back again!

Until then, all the boys who used to carry shopping bags of their girlfriends, can relax!


-Guest article by Palak Dixit



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