Funniest song you can hear on this Friendship Day & Naag Panchmi

Here comes Friendship Day & Naag Panchmi together on this Sunday and while your Whatsapp must have been flooded with the Naag & Friends (Aasteen ka saanp) jokes, WhatteTrend spotted for you a hilariously apt video that relates both with Friendship Day & Naag Panchmi in a way that would make you go ROFL…!!

When the humanity is going for a toss and people are killing each other, here is a tale of a man & snake friendship 🙂 😀


As you check out this video, also read these lyrics to make it more fun :

“mai toh been bajaunga main toh tujhe bulaunga

mere naag raja tu naa aana bhag jana

tera mera hai dushman jamana tera mera hai dushman jamana….”


WhatteVideo!! 😀



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