Dipa Karmakar – From being declared unfit for Gymnastics to making History!

We are all very proud of Dipa Karmakar today as she has become the first female gymnast to have qualified for the finals of the Vault event in the Rio 2016 Olympics!

But her journey till here, has been very very difficult. Dipa started practicing gymnastics at a very young age of 6 years. But she was declared unfit for gymnastics as she had flat feet which are not considered good for gymnastics.

Actually her father was a coach and he wanted to see his daughter Dipa as a star gymnast! So he sent her to the coach Bisveshwar Nandi who put a lot of efforts in shaping the future of Dipa. Both of them worked so hard that the results are in front of the world today!

The Produnova vault, which Dipa masters, is the most difficult one and is known to be “vault of death”. The Produnova ‘a handspring double-front somersault’ has the highest degree of difficultly for a women’s vault, a 7.0, and only five women in the world have attempted it in competition.


Rio Olympic 2016

When Dipa started practicing produnova, coach Nandi was terrified that she would either have a major neck injury or would die of practicing such difficult vault, but as it is said practice does make a man perfect, Dipa has made history!

As Dipa also said,”I believe that practice makes perfect, and then it is not difficult anymore,” she said. “My coach, (Bisweshwar Nandi) ensured that I practised extensively.””In the last three months I did 1000 repetitions of the move,” she said. “Now it is the easiest vault for me.”

We are extremely proud and motivated by your journey Dipa and we wish that you #GrabTheGold for India! All the Best!

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