Good News for Working Women!

To all the would be mommies, here’s a good news!

The second last day of the monsoon session brings happy showers for working women! Finally a bill that proposes six months’ maternity leave for all working women, has been passed by the Rajya Sabha today. The Bill, drafted in consultation with the Women and Child Development Ministry, was moved by Labour Minister Bandaru Dattatreya. Maneka Gandhi, minister for women’s welfare says it is the result of two years of hard work that the bill has finally been passed.


All young mothers would agree that along with the precious motherhood, comes the difficult decision of being able to work or not.. Yes, child does become a priority over anything for all the mothers, but it doesn’t snatch away their right to be self independent and self reliant! While some of the mothers resume working with the help of nannies, care takers or family’s help, many have to decide to stop working as they don’t have enough help or leaves.

To the rescue, comes this amendment to Maternity Benefits Act 2016, which proposes six months’ maternity leave for all working women! What a relief it is and a slap on the employers’ face who act rude to the would be mothers and feel that they are unfit for working any more..


Benefits of the newly passed bill:-

  1. 12 weeks maternity benefit to a ‘Commissioning mother’ and ‘Adopting mother’.
  2. Increased leaves from 12 weeks to 26 weeks.
  3. Work from Home facility if there is such a provision by the employer.
  4. Mandatory provision of Creche if employer has 50 or more employees.

MPs such as Jaya Bachchan stated that the leave should be increased to one year, while many other MPs suggested Paternity leave should also be introduced. Its overwhelming to see such sweetness among the members of the parliament.




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