Shockingly Insensitive incidents from today!

Just 4 days prior to 70th Independence Day of India, news like these, literally shake us deep inside!
Two such extremely insensitive incidents that took place today are:-

1. Mother lost his son in UP, because of 20 rupees!


This morning, near Lucknow , in Bahraich,  – a town of Uttar Pradesh, a mother lost his son’s life, just because she did not have 20 rupees to pay. This incident took place in a  Government hospital, which is basically designed to help people who don’t have enough money.

Yes, it is shameful, heinous and so freaking insensitive!
 As per the mother, her child was having high fever and she went to a nearby government hospital for medical aid & she was asked for 20 rupees as fees to give injection to her child. She cried that she doesn’t have 20 rupees and will arrange for it in a while but her child should be given the medical aid first. But the staff did not listen to them. And because of the negligence and not being given immediate injection, they lost their son. The father of the child was furious and reported this to authorities!
Doesn’t it give you goosebumps? Is a life so cheap?  If a mother loses the life of her son because of 20 rupees, isn’t it outrageously disgraceful for all of us?

2. A road accident victim was not helped, instead looted in Delhi!



Today morning at around 6 am, a person walking on the road was hit by a green tempo in Subhash Nagar, Delhi;  tempo stopped, the driver came out, saw the person lying on the road and ran away!
A lot of vehicles after that, passed that fallen man on the road and didn’t pay any attention to him.

After a while, a rickshaw stopped, the rickshaw-wala got down, came towards the fallen man, took his fallen mobile from the road, did not even look at the man and went away as if nothing has happened. All this footage was captured on a CCTV which you can see here –

Footage Source: IBN7-

After so many years of independence in our country, if we hear or face such kind of incidents, then it is very shamefully reprehensible!

Why people don’t help in such accidental cases –

People don’t help because still they are afraid of being questioned or their names being brought to the police stations or because of the fear of being dragged in cases.
But, the Supreme Court has given orders that if you help in an accidental case, the police, courts or hospitals will treat you with respect!
Good Samaritans or people who help road accident victims by taking them to the hospital had everything going against them from legal wrangles to harassment. Thanks to the Supreme Court directive, the Government has finally notified guidelines to protect good samaritans from any civil & criminal liability among other things. The disclosure of the name has also been made voluntary.

Hence, let’s ensure that we make India free from such insensitive issues and  must help each other without any fear!



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