Salman Khan’s Gift for Olympic Players

Sultan Salman Khan is the goodwill ambassador of the Indian contingent for the Rio Olympics 2016 & the generous Bhaijaan has promised a token for every player who has made it to the Olympics.
And the token is not any thing general, but a cheque of Rs. 1,01,000 as  appreciation! Yes you got it right, Khan will be presenting each player who has gone to represent India at Olympic  with a cheque of Rs. 1,01,000.Salman declared this on twitter and he wrote, “As a gesture of appreciation for our Olympic athletes, I will present each one with a cheque of Rs 1,01,000. The government is very supportive of sports. Each of us can also do our bit to encourage a sports nation. I admire the work that Olympic Gold Quest (OGQ) is doing to shape tmrw’s champions. And also companies like Edelweiss, Jio and others who have come forward to support the Olympics.”

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-17 at 9.34.07 PM
Salman Khan’s name as an ambassador was being criticized by many and now Dabangg Khan has proved that his magnanimity is beyond every criticism!

Let us also brush up for you that the total number of players who have gone to Rio Olympics 2016 from India are 121 athletes, including 54 women. Now you reckon the amount Salman would be giving away as appreciation!

That’s another story altogether that this time India has been unlucky enough not to bag any gold till now! Let’s pray for that! And thank Mr. Salman for his generous gesture!



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