Self Love OR Selfie Love ?

The medical science might have related taking selfies with mental illness, narcissism etc., but the youth thinks taking selfies is the coolest thing to do! Quotes have been changed from ‘Believe in your self‘ to ‘Believe in your Selfie‘; people are going over the board taking selfies in front of a coming train, on the cliffs, near the river, top of a huge building and where not! People are even ending their precious lives in the craze for Selfies but ending the craze for selfies doesn’t look coming…

Ok! Lets admit, we all love taking selfies, but who will decide the limit, the boundary, the sensibility? As per Wikipedia, In April 2014, a man diagnosed with ‘Body Dysmorphic Disorder’ recounted spending ten hours a day attempting to take the “right” selfie, attempting suicide after failing to produce what he perceived to be the perfect selfie! Imagine! This mental illness to commit a suicide in failing to get the perfect selfie, is just frightening!

No Selfie Zones

According to Washington Post 2015, India tops the list in deaths because of Selfies! Many spots have been declared ‘No Selfie Zones’ specially in Mumbai, and fines are being ensued if selfies are taken on such spots but still people are not understanding and still dying because of wanting to take extraordinary selfies.

“Selfies aren’t just a girl thing. Boys click selfies too,” declares Hyderabadi Bhanu Prakash Racha, who is set to challenge NFL star Patrick Peterson’s Guinness World record of 1,449 selfies in an hour. The 24-year-old is confident of clicking 1,800 selfies to make that record his own at a city mall on September 18.
Like a hobby, one can definitely take selfies and enjoy it, but as an obsession, its killing more people than we can ever imagine.

How many people died by attempting Selfies?

The number is rising each day! in 2014 there were 15-16 reported deaths, which rose to just double in 2015 with 30-32 reported deaths in India! In an attempt to take the most daring selfies, people are dying and thousands are getting injured. And in 2016, the number is increasing day by day. 3 college students died near Mathura, 7 young students died in a boat, and according to a latest news, 3 high school boys lost their lives yesterday in a selfie attempt in Nasik, while celebrating one student’s birthday!

Most horrifying Selfie Deaths in India –

1.) A 15-year-old boy who accidently shot himself through the head while taking a selfie with his father’s revolver, died at a hospital in Ludhiana.



2.) A 25-year old man is feared dead after he tripped while trying to take a ‘selfie’ along with his friends and fell into the valley from a hilltop in a famous summer resort town, in Tamil Nadu.



3.) Clicking a selfie photograph turned into a disaster for a 19-year-old as well as six of his friends, who drowned in the Ganga while trying to save one another.



4.) Just outside Chennai, a 16-year-old student died while trying to take a selfie with a speeding train in the background.



Mostly teenagers are ending their lives for Selfies! News like these and many more shake us deep inside but still the numbers keep rising! Let the parents and teachers take over and make the teens understand that this obsession might take your lives. Let us all sensitize the youth and teens about the selfie disaster and decrease this number of selfie deaths in near future.



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