‘One India One Election’ – What an Idea Mukherjee

The President of India, Pranab Mukherjee, on Monday agreed to the idea of ‘One India One Election’, which would relieve the country of being in a continuous state of elections. He was extremely clear in his opinion of conducting the Lok Sabha and the State elections at the same time. President Pranab Mukherjee, while taking a special class at a government school on Monday on the occasion of Teachers’ Day, mentioned this idea in reply to a question asked by a class 11 student.


President Mukherjee said, “The Election Commission can put in their idea and efforts on holding the polls together and that will be highly beneficial”.

The proposal was first made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi who raised the issue of continuous elections on different platforms hampering governance.

Recently, in an interview with CNN News 18, the PM had said, “Leaders of political parties, when they meet me, tell me why don’t we club assembly elections with Lok Sabha polls. And why don’t we hold local body elections as well during that time, so that the entire election process gets over in a week to 10 days time and then for five years the country runs uninterruptedly. But, all parties will have to unitedly do this. Election commission has to lead this effort and all parties have to agree on this. This has to be done democratically.”

While this is a fabulous idea and would save both the Central and State governments a lot of money, the Government and the Election Commission should also work upon building the system of an online voting portal as a step towards Digital India, where an eligible voter can contribute in polling even if he is outside his state for any work, studies, etc.


Its good to see this camaraderie between the President and the Prime Minister of our country. Such instances show that there won’t be any confusion or delays in decision making.



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