5 Ways to Stop your Smartphone Battery from Exploding

The issue of overheating and exploding batteries on the Samsung’s latest phablet Galaxy Note 7 has been growing, so much so that the company had to ask users to power down their Galaxy Note7 and exchange them as soon as possible. But this can happen with any smartphone these days even with the one you are holding in your palm right now or the one with which your kid is playing.

So here WhatteGadget brings to you 5 ways to avoid your smartphone from getting exploded :

1.) Charge from the original charger


Always use the original charger that comes bundled up inside your device’s box. If the charger pins gets loose, do not buy a duplicate charger as it’s replacement. Always buy the original thing.


2.) Kill Apps

switchercleaner                                 add-custom-rom-features-your-stock-google-play-edition-htc-one-m8-w1456

The smartphones do not auto-kill the apps that you might have recently used. So, kill or quit those apps which are not in use and stop your phone from running unnecessary background processes and eating up RAM.


3.) Restart/reboot the device once a day before charging


Just before putting your phone on charging, make a habit to reboot/restart it. This helps the processor to automatically kill all the apps and the device to start afresh and work even faster when switched on again.


4.) Do not over-charge/keep a power cut-off backup


Many of our device chargers do not come with an automatic power cut-off when fully charged. So once your device shows the ‘fully charged’ notification, remove it from the socket immediately. Otherwise, you can buy smart portable battery backups which come with an automatic power cut-off feature.

5.) Do not use the phone while charging


The most important thing we should always remember is that our smartphones/tablets are not laptops which we can use non-stop while plugged in. Absolutely NOT. Just for looking around a notification or two is okay, but making any voice calls or playing games while charging is a CRIME. This leads to your smartphone battery getting heated up. So please SAY NO to this practice.

In the world of connectivity its a little difficult to do away with these smartphones, so following these simple steps will help both your smartphone and you to lead a long life.

What-an-Advice! 🙂


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