The ‘Bullet Baba – Om Banna’

India is a land of miracles. There are so many true untold stories that need our attention. WhatteTrend brings to you one such true-story from Rajasthan.


On December 2, 1988, 21-year-old Om Singh Rathore, the son of a local village leader, was on his way home when he met with a fatal accident on the highway. He lost control of his motorcycle and got struck with a tree. He was killed instantly, his motorcycle falling into a nearby ditch. The morning after the accident, the police hauled away the motorcycle and that’s when the legend began.

The next day it was reported to have disappeared from the station and was found back at the site of the accident. Police, once again took the motorcycle, this time emptying its fuel tank and putting it under lock and chain to prevent its removal. Despite their efforts, the next morning it again disappeared and was found at the accident site. The motorcycle kept returning to the same ditch, thwarting every attempt by police to keep it at the local police station; the motorcycle always returned to the same spot before dawn.

This came to be seen as a miracle by local population, and they began to worship the ‘Bullet Bike’. News of the miracle motorcycle spread to nearby villages, and later they built a temple to worship it. This temple is known as Bullet Baba’s Temple. It is believed that Om Banna’s spirit helps distressed travellers.


Every day nearby villagers and travellers stop and pray to the Bike. They bring laddoos and a bottle of whiskey to offer to Om Banna. A trip to Om Banna is not only a chance to pray for good luck, but also to have a fine day out with friends!

The Rajasthan Tourism advertisement correctly says “Jaane Kya Dikh Jaaye“. 🙂



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