After India’s Surgical Strikes along LoC, Sensex crashes by over 500 points

India conducted surgical strikes last night along the LoC to safeguard our nation, the Defence Ministry said on Thursday. “Significant casualties have been caused to terrorists and those trying to shield them. We don’t have a plan to further conduct such strikes. India has spoken to Pakistan,” DGMO Lt.Gen. Ranbir Singh said.

The attack was carried out following the September 18 terror strike in Uri that claimed the lives of 18 Indian soldiers. The DGMO also pointed out that during the investigation of the terror attack, the proof of the involvement of Pakistani elements was clearly discovered.

On the other hand, Pakistan’s Inter Services Public Relations said that India’s action was no surgical strike at all.”There has been no surgical strike by India, instead there had been cross border fire initiated and conducted by India which is existential phenomenon. As per rules of engagement same was strongly and befittingly responded by Pakistani troops.” Pakistan’s Defence minister Khawaja M. Asif said that if India attempts this again, Pakistan will retaliate.

What is a Surgical Strike ?

All of us should know that a surgical strike is a military attack which results in, was intended to result in, or is claimed to have resulted in only damage to the intended legitimate military target, and no or minimal collateral damage to surrounding structures, vehicles, buildings, or the general public infrastructure and utilities.

PM Narendra Modi had informed President Pranab Mukherjee, Vice President and former Prime Minister Mahmohan Singh on the surgical strikes. Jammu and Kashmir Governor and CM Mehbooba Mufti have also been informed about the surgical strike.

But why did Sensex crash down to over 500 points after this? 

The market falls due to uncertainty, just because of the eco-implications of what could happen next. The Sensex slumped 572.89 points or 2.02% at the day’s low of 27,719.92 in afternoon trade, its lowest level since 29 August 2016.

While many are praising this brave decision by the Indian Government and the Indian Army, this could also lead us to a state of war with our immediate neighbours.




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