Salute to 24 yr old Martyr – Nitin Kumar!

It may sound cliche that while we sleep, our soldiers fight for us day and night in such conditions we can’t even take as gospel. It stands very true today and beyond our imaginations how the soldiers are heroically taking charge at the borders of India and Pakistan!

After the Surgical Strike, borders are on high alert and nearby villages are evacuated for no one knows what will happen when! And while we were all peacefully slept in cozy blankets with ACs on, last night Pakistani Army activated the sleeper cell of LeT in Kashmir to retaliate surgical strike of India. Terrorists attacked Baramulla Army camp, located 30km north of Uri.

Baramulla camp was too on high alert and our brave soldiers took up the charge and resisted the terrorists to break the security. It was 10 at night and in such darkness one of our soldiers Nitin Kumar fought boldly and fearlessly took 22 bullets in his body to safeguard India and Indians! One more Indian BSF soldier who is heavily injured is constable Pulwinder. Both of them are from the 40th battalion of BSF. After extensive firing from both the sides, the terrorists took off from there.

Nitin Kumar was at the gate when the attack happened. He fought from the front and didn’t bother for the bullets. Nitin Kumar belongs to Itawa, Uttar Pradesh and was born in 1992. A 24 year old boy took 22 bullets in his body for us to boast with pride that our BSF soldiers thrashed away the terrorist attack.

Nitin joined BSF in 2012 and he always wanted to be positioned at the borders, whatever situation may be! Such martyrdom must always be remembered! Hats off to such mothers who send their sons for the country! While at this age, some boys are doing heinous crimes like rape and assault, some boys are brave enough to sacrifice their lives fighting for the safety of our country!
The Nation is proud of him and such sacrifices should never be forgotten! Rest in peace Nitin!
WhatteBravery! WhatteMartyr!

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