The New Age Desi Rockstar – Arjun Kanungo

Yet another ‘Arjun’ is taking breath away by his masculine looks and a pleasant voice. Right from his first solo sensation “Baaki Baatein peene baad“, Arjun Kanungo has been crushing girls with his killer looks and soulful voice. His second single “Fursat” was as romantic as it can be.

Not only his voice, but the singer’s instagram handle is also filled with awesomeness. Let’s have a look at some of his instagram pics:-







Arjun is back again with another amazing song ‘Sanam Mere Sanam‘ in collaboration with Bollywood composer Mithoon. Listen it here –

The dude is also trained in classical music and can play piano and guitar. His popularity on the internet is rising and he is gradually becoming one of those many YouTube sensations.

He is definitely a Gen X Desi Rockstar. Baaki baatein peene baad.



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