“Shahid Afridi fixed cricket matches”: Javed Miandad

Javed Miandad has a habit of kicking off controversies for fun. But, this time he may have gone too far unless he has something to back him up. In another shocking accusation, he has claimed that former Pakistan Captain Shahid Afridi “sold matches”. The spat between the two has grown uglier after Miandad kicked it off with his claim that Afridi wanted a farewell match only for more money.

In a book launch ceremony earlier, Miandad had started it all when he said that “Afridi wanted farewell game only for money”. In response, Shahid Afridi replied saying, “money has always been an issue for Javed Miandad”.


He went on to say that “it doesn’t suit a legendary cricketer like Miandad to pass such irresponsible comments”. Afridi also compared Miandad’s behavior with Imran Khan and said, “This is the difference between Javed Miandad and Imran Khan”.

Following Afridi’s retort, an infuriated Miandad called ‘lala’ a fixer. While talking to Pakistani news channel Samaa TV, Miandad alleged that Afridi fixed and sold cricket matches. “The whole team had fixed matches,” he claimed. “Afridi is a son of a thief. Shahid Afridi should put his hand over his daughters’ heads and proclaim that he never sold a match. I am a witness, I caught him myself.”

“If there was money…I would not have left the team myself. I’d caught match-fixers in the whole team. Right? These people are fixers. And then they talk about money?,” he said.

Miandad also trashed Afridi’s claims about his monetary problems and said, “If I had any money related issues, I wouldn’t have left the team, but I did,” said Miandad.

In the latest development, reliable sources, according to Tribune.com.pk claim that Afridi is planning to initiate legal action against Miandad once the public holidays this week come to an end.



Information source: https://sportscafe.in/articles/cricket/2016/oct/10/inquest-into-hughess-death-commences-in-sydney


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  1. Shahid afridi deserves a farewell game if he is planning to retire seriously


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