Karan Johar breaks silence, says my Country comes first!

Who could have ever thought that the title of the film will really come alive for the makers of the film – Ae Dil hai Mushkil!

Ever since the Indian Motion Picture Producers Association (IMPPA) and the Cinema Owners and Exhibitors Association of India (COAEI) have banned Pakistani artistes from appearing in Indian films, as a response to the Uri attacks that occurred on 18 September; things have got really unfavorable for the makers of such an awaited film.

Many people have spoken against Karan Johar for casting Fawad Khan in his film and a lot of allegations were being put as he was silent till now. Hence, being the sailor of the ship, director Karan Johar has finally spoken up and what he says completely makes sense.

What Karan Johar said:

There’s been some talk about why I’ve been silent over the past few weeks. I need to say this. Nothing else matters to me but the country. The climate and circumstances were different when I shot Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, in September to December last year. There were efforts made by our government to make peace with our neighboring. I respected the sentiments then and I respect the sentiments of the country now,” he said.
Johar adds, “But it’s not fair to scrap the film now. I respect the country’s sentiment today. I condemn terror and have immense respect for the Army. But to ban the film is unfair to my crew.”
“I remained silent as I was hurt, and I had a deep sense of pain. I was hurt for being called anti-national. For me my country comes first. I have always felt the best way to spread patriotism is through love. And I try to do that with my cinema. I understand the current sentiment because I feel the same. With that same energy, I urge  you to understand that there are over 300 plus Indian people on my crew who have paid with blood, sweat and tears for my film. This is unfair to them. Of course, I condemn any form of terrorism, especially the kind the affects my people, my country. In the future, I will not cast Pakistani artistes,” he said.

Karan Johar has done what he is best at! He has spoken, spoken out his heart and put all his emotions into his speech.

Also as Mr. Paresh Rawal has recently put it,

captureParesh Rawal @SirPareshRawal

Karan Johar is literally seen crouching and pleading for mercy and it really makes sense that the makers should not be punished, as now the film has been made and being set for a Diwali release! 
Watch Karan’s video here –

Let’s hope the final decision does not harm anyone!



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