Radio Mirchi RJ dies of Heart Attack during Show-

Shocking! Unbelievable! Sad!

RJ Shubham who was hosting the prime time morning show at Nagpur Radio Mirchi, took his last few breaths during his 7-11am morning show! On a fine Thursday morning, while he was doing his show in the live studio, complained of acute chest pain and was rushed to a nearby private hospital. The doctors report that he lost his life even before reaching the hospital.

A 23 year old boy, who was living his earning through the coolest job in a radio station, who probably must be having a large fan following in the city, lost his life due to heart attack! He lived with his sister and mother in the city and was the only one earning in the family as he lost his father 3 years ago due to brain hemorrhage as reported by one of his friends. Police officials say that the post-mortem reports are yet to arrive but the preliminary reports indicate a cardiac arrest.

Being an ex – RJ, it gives me chills down my spine to know that RJ Shubham died during his show. I also did morning shows and apart from all the challenges that a radio jockey has to go through, it is a treat to be in that studio with that mike and be able to interact with the whole city early morning! A morning show is called a prime time show where an RJ is supposed to be the most aware of all the news and specially the ins and outs of the city!

I was also 23 when I did my last Radio Show, 7 years ago, and I extremely feel sorry for RJ Shubham’s family, friends and fans. Such an incident is deeply shocking and shaking because the exceptional job where you deal with music, the console, the studio and your friends/fans; is truly magical and an acute chest pain occurring to a 23 year old in an atmosphere where you love the work you do, is beyond anyone’s belief!

When I used to enter the office premises during my morning show, there was hardly anyone in the office except guards, and it was such a fulfilling experience to be able to begin the day for a radio station with my voice!

RJ Shubham must also be alone on that morning in his studio and must be reluctant of his chest pain, but might have mentioned to the guards when he must have felt immense pain beyond tolerance…

Well, a sudden demise of a young one is always shocking for the family, friends and nation, but I couldn’t stop myself from writing, as I was reminded of my radio days when I heard about his unanticipated sorrowful demise! May God bless his family and rest in peace RJ Shubham !


– ex RJ- Parul



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