How Trump Presidency will be good for India

Going against the popular perception, Donald Trump dramatically emerged as the 45th President of the United States of America! Lets evaluate how Trump’s presidency will prove to be for India, going with his speeches and 15-point agendas.

First things first, Bad news for Pakistan is a good news for India:

In one of his speeches, Trump has called Pakistan “probably the most dangerous [country]” and has said that “you have to get India involved; India is the check to Pakistan… I would start talking at that level very very quickly”
That clearly states that Trump is blatantly suspicious of Pakistan and which may also signify that the huge aid that comes to Pakistan from the US might also get in danger. Hence India might see that Trump will unabashedly take India’s side and will be against Pakistan and terrorism!
Trump is brutally Anti – China: 
Its a fact that Trump has expressed dislike for countries India is having the most antagonistic relationships with. Pakistan and China.
Both Pakistan and China have been using the US as a cash machine and Trump doesn’t seem to be liking it at all. Reports suggest that the US has lost 5 million manufacturing jobs over past 15 years and China has only seen rapid and unimaginable growth in the manufacturing business.
China might see the worst time in the coming years if Trump comes to do what he really wishes to do. Also, Indian manufacturers will be benefited with this move.
The Energy & Fuel plan: 
Fuel has always been an issue for India. With the rise in prices of fuel, everything comes to a standstill and India sees price hike in almost all essential goods. Fuel is a big factor of fiscal deficit.
If Trump is going to really do as promised, India could benefit densely. Opening of the US Oil Sector would lead to price stability globally. Also, huge business opportunities for Indian Oil Companies including ONGC.
India also at his target?
At a campaign rally recently, he targeted India, along with other countries, for ‘ripping off’ the US, his comments punctuated by thunderous applause from the audience. “They are taking our jobs. China is taking our jobs. Japan is taking our jobs. India is taking our jobs.” he declared. He has proposed new restrictions on the H1-B visas — bad news for India because Indian IT firms, the largest recipients of the visas, will be hugely impacted.
But with a Prime Minister like Mr. Modi, we hope things will not get that bad!
Also, as reports suggest, Trump’s own businesses have been exposed for having hired hundreds of foreign workers at the expense of American workers.
And the biggest point here is, that restricting foreign labour would hurt the US economy, and he knows it pretty well!
Good news is also that Trump is also MODI-fied. He has appreciated Modi’s style of working and has vowed to invest in Make in India projects. So, lets hope for the best!

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