Why Sushma Swaraj needs India’s prayers!

Today morning, the minute Sushma Swaraj posted on Twitter about her being admitted to the hospital due to kidney failure and the transplant being done, the nation extended all sorts of good wishes and help she needs.

Mrs. Swaraj, who was admitted to New Delhi’s AIIMS hospital last Tuesday, tweeted:


Within a few hours she received 4000 re-tweets and 7000 likes and many Indians offered to donate their well functioning kidneys to her. Why Not? First time India has witnessed a Minister of External Affairs, responding to every Indian worldwide in grief and not only responding, but immediately coming to rescue the people in odd situations.

Here’s WhatteTrend bringing you 5 instances where Sushma Swaraj proved to be the best External Affairs Minister so far –

1. After the URI attacks, India openly became anti-Pak and everyone came out very strongly about it, at that point, Mrs.Swaraj helped 19 Pakistani girls go back to Pakistan safely and ensured they don’t face any kind of trouble due to the friction between both the countries.

2. When the ministry headed by Mrs.Swaraj rescued 168 IndiansĀ  being held hostages in Iraq.

3. When the ministry helped a son in USA get the Visa to come to India for his father’s last rites, despite the two days holidays of Dussehra and Muharram.

4. Mrs.Swaraj helped a British couple, Chris and Michelle Newman, extend their visa as they delivered a baby here with the help of surrogacy and because of their visa limit, they would have had to leave the baby in India in an orphanage; as they could not get the passport for the baby.

5. Also a thing as little and sweet as getting a couple back together on a honeymoon, where the girl lost her passport just before her honeymoon and the couple were on the verge of calling off their trip.

Mrs.Sushma Swaraj, India has immense respect and extreme admiration for the kind of work done by you and your ministry. And we pray for your speedy recovery! You have the love and prayers of all your fellow Indians and Lord Krishna will surely bless you!



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