Who Must Watch the Film – Dear Zindagi

1. Who has fears in life – Kaira (Alia Bhatt) a leading cinematographer is best at her job but from deep inside she’s a little girl fighting her fears and spoiling her present and future due to her horrid past. The film gives you sweet little advises to deal with your fears in life. Dear Zindagi gives you kind of a counseling to deal with your personal predicament.

2. Who loves Shahrukh Khan –  Doctor Jehangir Khan (SRK) aka Jug, is a top notch therapist, known as DD (Dimag ka Doctor) in the film, is so charismatic and charming that you would end up wanting to visit a therapist like him 😉 Not being his natural and romantic genre, SRK still does justice to the role and make you believe in him.


3. Who has any doubts about Alia Bhatt as an Actor – Alia as Kaira, is so natural, you connect with her and feel her fears and issues as your own. From eating chilies to confronting her boy friend about cheating; from an ace cinematographer to her relationship with her friends, her parents and then her therapist, Alia as Kaira shows her brilliant acting skills and versatility.

4. Who likes Gauri Shinde – Audiences might feel that the film is little slow and boring and lack the grip overall, but the little nuances in this film speak strongly about the director who has given her soul to the film as if it is her own story… The way Kaira puts everything upside down, the way a professional therapist should behave.. the relationship between Kaira and her brother Kiddo, the fear that Kaira lives with, of people leaving her alone.. and how it is synonymous to choose a chair and a life partner… Gauri definitely gives an interpretation of what emotions each one of us goes through in life at some phase and how to deal with them.

5. Who is a parent – Dear Zindagi directly or indirectly teaches you certain things about parenting. It gives you a perspective about how children feel about little things.
WhatteFilm gives Dear Zindagi –  3.5/5 rating

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