#WhatteFive 2016: Top Smartphones

WhatteGadget brings to you our Author’s choice list of Top – 5 Smartphones of 2016. Have a look :-

1.) Google Pixel and Pixel XL


Start Price in India: Pixel – Rs.57,000; Pixel XL – Rs.67,000


2.) One Plus 3


Start Price in India: Rs.27,999

3.) iPhone 7 and 7 Plus


Start Price in India: iPhone 7 – Rs.60,000; iPhone 7 Plus – Rs.82,000


4.) Moto Z with Moto Mods


Start Price in India: Rs.39,999 (with Style Mod)


5.) Redmi Note 3


Start Price in India: 2 GB version – Rs.9,999; 3 GB version – Rs.11,999

Special Mention: Samsung Galaxy Note 7


It was a fantastic phone when launched. But the issue of overheating and exploding batteries grew so much so that Samsung had to discontinue its manufacturing. So, just a special mention for the Galaxy Note 7 for its awesome looks and brilliant specs.

WhatteSmartphone! WhatteFive!


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