‘Raees’ vs ‘Kaabil’ : The Verdict

Both Raees and Kaabil were among the most-awaited films of this year. The two-days box office collection shows that Raees (49 crores) is way ahead Kaabil (29 crores), but as cinema-lovers let’s find out which one in real sense is ‘Kaabil’ to become a ‘Raees’ film both in terms of money and audience’s love.

Raees: Since Fan, Shahrukh with his choice of movies has proved that he is willing to accept better scripts now, unlike Happy New Year and Dilwale. His presence in Dear Zindagi took the movie to a next level and ever since its announcement, poster releases and trailers, Raees looked a film which could give SRK the new high. But it couldn’t. Raees tried hard to become a reality-cum-masala entertainer, with top performance from Nawazuddin Siddiqui and better from SRK, yet had several loopholes.

Kaabil: Hrithik Roshan, in search of resurrecting his career tried something different. His performance and good looks were top-notch in Kaabil. Yami Gautam also did justify her role. Still, the hero takes revenge because his wife was raped wasn’t a story that can be called ‘new’. The only difference being that both the lead actors were blind in the film. Hence, it could not satisfy the audience.

The Verdict

While Raees says that no business is wrong unless it harms anyone and there shouldn’t be any business or politics in the name of religion, Kaabil shows that even a blind person can be colourful with positive thoughts and the people who can see prove to be the real negatives. But both the movies, according to us, fall into the category of ‘just-not-able-to-meet-the-expectations’ kind of movies.

WhatteFilm gives 3 stars to both of these!


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